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candiotti, thank you very much. >>> toyota hoped massive recalls of its cars were a thing of the past. now it is saying, but wait, there is more. and this time even if you didn't buy a toyota, you could still be at risk. we're going to explain that. >>> in the sky, it was stunning, but what this fireball left behind when it hit the earth will definitely surprise you. >>> also, time for you to weigh in. want to see what you're talking about. go to the social networking sites. reading your comments now. hey what's going on? doing the shipping. man, it would be a lot easier if we didn't have to weigh 'em all. if those boxes are under 70 lbs. you don't have to weigh 'em. with these priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service, if it fits it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. no weigh? nope. no way. yeah. no weigh? sure. no way! uh-uh. no way. yes way, no weigh-ing. priority mail flat rate box shipping starts at $4.95, only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. welcome to progressive. nice calculator. i'm just trying to save money on my car insurance. you know
. >>> [inaudible] this time toyota is calling -- recalling their sienna minivan. they were sold in 20 states, including maryland, virginia and the district. toyota says cables could break and create a road hazard. for more informations, log onto our web onto our wjla.com. this latest recall comes as a house committee says it will hold another hearing on toyota's other problems. it will be next month on the sudden acceleration problems. toyota says it found no evidence of any electronic problems and they attribute the problem -- >>> frustration is growing in iceland and our area after volcanic ash is forcing airlines to ground airplanes. is not getting any easier for stranded passengers. it is a different -- dangerous situation for people living there. the volcano is awake. the multiple directions melting huge chunks of ice and flooding farmland's with money ice. >> i think the big one will be the next one. >> the ash has been blanketing europe's airspace, but roads are closed and the ash cuts through everything. >> i have been living here since i was born, so the mountain is my friend. >> i
of declining values, the average homeowner will pay about $40 less next year. >>> two setbacks for toyota in one week. toyota suspended sales of the lexus gx 4-60. the magazine reported the seven-seater has a high rollover risk. derrick ward joins us from the news room with the latest details. >> just when we thought things were leveling off for toyota, another recall surfaced. more news for those toyota owners affected. 600,000 mini fans are being recalled. engineers say the road salt could contribute to the problem. the cable that holds the spare tire could come loose and tumble out posing a safety threat. owners have been notified and told where to take their sienna for inspection. another toyota-made vehicle got a thumbs down for consumer reports because of roleover concerns. >> we are telling people not to buy it until that is fixed. >> reporter: all this on top of the yet-to-be resolved problems. >> to have a label put on your label, don't buy, is extremely serious anytime, but this time in particular is terrible for the brand. engineers in japan say they have been able to duplicate
fuerte en estados unidos aÚn no recibe aprobaciÓn final en arizona. le lleve sobre mojado a toyota, ahora le toca a estos vehÍculos familiares. se rinde homenaje conocido profesor boliviano. la colombiana da un paso mÁs al estrellato, ahora cantara el himno del mundial de fÚtbol. >> este es noticiero univisiÓn Última hora. >> para que tenga una idea de caos en europa por miles de vuelos cancelados, de los cuales un vuelcan en islandia es culpable, varios aeropuertos estÁn totalmente cerrados. miles estÁn durmiendo ahora mismo en el piso y las aerolÍneas perdiendo millones de dÓlares. cristina nos une de inmediato con este fin de semana histÓrico. >> asÍ es. muy buenas noches, si usted tiene planes de viajar a europa, mejor quÉdese en su casa. son una amenaza para el trÁnsito aÉreo las nubes, porque podrÍan ser succionadas por las turbinas. >>la enorme nube de cenizas ocasionÓ la mayor interrupción de los vuelos internacionales desde los atentados terroristas del 2001, mientras las cenizas se desplazan, miles de viajeros estÁn varados en cinco continentes. las autoridad
for toyota. the troubled car maker said it is recalling 600,000 seanna minivans. toyota said rusting spare tire cables could break and create a road hazard. so far this year, toyota has recalled more than 8,000,000 vehicles. >> your dog or cat could be dangerous to your health. new study showed pets cause 80,000 injuries from falls. dogs are more likely to make you fall than cats. and women are more likely to fall than men. researchers do not suggest that you get rid of your pets. >> and a new study shows that even before they can walk, children choose their toys based on what is traditionally expected of their sex. researchers at the university of london gave infants and toddlers a group of seven toys. little boys were always more interested in items like cars, and soccer balls. and little girls were more interested in dolls and tide bears. study did not draw conclusions about whether the children were born with preferences or developed them during the first few months of life. >> fighting city blight. the community where wrecking balls were biz. >> ash cloud and the airlines. how long fl
orkhertec® products ...ande yo vitam ip. 0%ur. keep yr ng..pl >>> another toyota recall to tell you about. the car maker says it's recalling about 600,000 see ena minivans. toyota says spare tire cables could snap from corrosion, if driving, the spare tire could fall into the road and become a hazard for other drivers. toyota says prolonged exposure to road salts could cause the cables to corod. >>> the pilots who survived this crash wants everyone to know he's okay. a camera mounted on the raisin plane captured the accident. the pilot says it happened so quickly, he's not sure what went wrong. he was practicing for a weekend race when the right wing clipped the water surface and flipped over. he was treated for whiplash injuries. >>> "discovery" is heading home. before sealing the hatches between the spacecraft, the seven shuttle flyers and six people on the spaceation exchanged bear hugs. it could be a long time before so many people are together in space. only three more shuttle flights are planned. they'll have crews of six instead of seven. they're due to land monday morning at
troubles for toyota. why the automaker issued yet another recall. i'm a fashion stylist. my secret? t.j.maxx. they buy directly from designers and you see the savings! i dress fashionistas. but i'm a maxxinista. t.j.maxx. >>> a popular principal with a promising future murdered in his own home. police are looking for a killer and wondering if this was a random crime. good morning, everyone. i am aaron gilchrist. >> we have a look at the day's forecast. justin drabick is standing in for chuck bell in storm center 4. justin, did you know it was somebody's birthday today? >> i thought i heard that. happy birthday, aaron. they had the birthday music playing for him, too. i don't have a singing voice, definitely not, especially this early in the morning. still quiet, but dealing with a south and east as we look at the doppler radar. you can see confined across the lower maryland eastern shore and into the northern neck of virginia. late rain showers. given another hour or two they will move off to the east. we will see nice improvement off in the entire viewing area. and we are currently l
roll over. guess what? another toyota recall. i'm brian wilson, headquarter headquarte headquarter, live from the nation -- america's news headquarters, live from the nation's capital right now. across europe and around the world, air travel is grinding to a halt because of the icelandic volcano that continues to build smoke and ash thousands of feet in the air. the situation is even threatening to scuddle the president's plans to attend the funeral of polish president lech kaczynski. only 5,000 flights in the air over europe today. on a normal day, there would be almost five times that number. our own greg palkot is one of the thousands of stranded travelers. greg is stuck in dubai because his flight to europe was canceled like most of the other flights bound there. greg, what is the latest with travelers and flight schedules where with you are? >> hey, brian. we're stranded like tens of thousands of others around the world, thanks to the volcanic ash cloud across europe. we were traveling back from an assignment in yemen and hoping to transit today to london through this major ai
they don't think any of the kids ingested the drugs. >>> and more trouble for toyota. the automaker is recalling 600,000 sienna minivans made between 1998 and 2010, this year. toyota says too much exposure to road salt may cause the cable holding the spare tire to fall, putting nearby vehicles in danger. toyota says it's working on the problem and advises owners to bring their siennas into dealers for an inspection. >>> well, they think they have found the piece of a meteor in wisconsin. scientists -- you see some video here -- but there was a fireball in the sky last week. now university of wisconsin add madison scientists say they believe they have found a fragment from a meteor. now, it lit up the sky earlier this week. i believe it was on wednesday. now a man has found a peanut-sized rock that he says hit the roof of his home. here's a look at some of the video once before. now, this is a big deal to amateur astronomers and scientists, a rare event to get ahold of possibly a piece of a meteor. you have people out there who market and collect these things, who sell and trade thes
to fly over the volcano to get a better look at what's going on. >>> we have another toyota recall to tell you about. the car maker says it is recalling about 600,000 sienna minivans. cables could snap while driving. the spare could fall into the road and become a hazard for other drivers. but only affects siennas in cold-weather states. >>> haiti's top prosecutor denies the country dropped charges against american missionaries accused of kidnapping 33 children after january's earthquake. yesterday, a spokesman told cnn the kidnapping charges against nine missionaries were dropped. but haiti's attorney general said that is incorrect. adding that a judge will decide whether a case goes to trial or not. a senior state department official also told cnn the charges were dropped. the missionary group's leader is still behind bars. >>> convicted sex offender john gardner pleaded guilty to killing a 17-year-old and a 14-year-old. in june, he is expected to get two consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole. his plea spares him from a possible death sentence. the families
its future should be? we'll be sharing some of your views. >>> noir another toyota recall to tell you about. they're recalling about 600,000 sienna minivans. spare tire cables could snap from corrosion. if that happened while you're driving, the spare could fall into the road and become a hazard for other drivers. this recall only affects siennas in cold-weather states. prolonged exposure to road salts could cause the corrosion. >>> the pilot who survived this wants everyone to know he's okay. he's also thanking the rescue crews who rushed to thank him when his plane crashed into australia's swan river. a camera mounted on the plane captured that accident. you just saw it. the pilot said it happened so quickly he's not sure what went wrong. he was practicing for a weekend race when his right wing clipped water surface and flipped over. he was treated for whiplash injuries. >>> space shuttle "discovery" is heading home. it left international space station a few hours ago. before sealing the hatches between spacecraft, the seven shuttle flyers and six people on the space station exchang
's consumer alerts, toyota said it'll now check all of its suv's for problems similar to that roll over risk found by consumer reports in the lexus gx460. toya suspended north american sales on tuesday and then on wednesday expand the suspension worldwide. toyota doesn't plan to suspend the sales of the other vehicles that it's testing. >>> shoppers downtown baltimore is the place to be this weekend. baltimore retail week kicked off today. it's an unofficial week of tax free shopping. about 60 downtown retailers are offing discounts of 6% or more. >>> well you won't have your tax refund in time to enjoy this weekend's shopping but we tell you how to track your return and some new incentives which can make the refund go further so you don't waste your money. >> now that almost everybody in greater baltimore has filed their tax its its time to wait for the refund. with the average refund more than $2,000 we have good reason to be impatient. you can find out how long it'll take if you go to the irs website. go to irs.gov and click the where is my refund section. lue have to put in your social
very much. >>> and hits keep coming for toyota. a voluntary recall of minivans. the company says a spare tire may come loose and fall on to the road creating a dangerous situation for other drivers. this recall applies to all minivans bought between 1998 and 2010. if you own one of those vehicles bring it to a dealer for inspection. in the past few months, toyota has recalled over 8 million vehicles worldwide. >> the crew of the space shuttle had s heading home to earth closing it's hatches and undocking from the international space station. during the mission astronauts did three spacewalks including one to install a new ammonia tank. they are set to return to earth monday morning, depending on the weather. >> gregg: former new york congressman eric massa saying someone forged a $40,000 check to his chief of staff. federal campaign records now show that the check was written to joe lacalto before massa resigned suddenly last month. massa is saying that it was based on misrepresentations to campaign officials. he is among several staffers accusing the former congressman of sexual
>en washington claudia uceda univision la corporacion toyota debera re minivan sienna, en todo el pais... las vans afectadas son de los años 2008 al 2010.. de las cuales el cable que asegura la llanta de emergencia, puede ensarrarse y desprenderse lo que podria significar un peligro en las carreteras y para otros conductores.. los conductores pueden llevar sus vehiculos al concesionario toyota mas cercano... los afectados tambien recibiran cartas por correo... en fairfax estan advirtiendo sobre los peligros de dejar a los ninos en habitaciones con ventanas poco seguras para evitar accidentes fatales como el registrado en dias recientes...maria rosa lucchini nos amplia... estas imagenes.... ya son comunes en varios vecindarios....ventanas abiertas....y niÑos a punto de caer al vacio... "es tan facil, en un momento, en un momento, un niño puede caer con subir por la cama, por la ventana y caer" durante estos meses de calor, familias tienden a abrir sus ventanas... y se confian de las rejillas contra insectos.... expertos advierten que estas no representan nin
force base instead. >>> coming up on news4 at 11:00, toyota recalls more than 500,000 siennas. just a couple of years after it was chosen by "consumer reports" as the best minivan. >>> there are new reports eric massa wrote a $40,000 check to his chief of staff one day after resigning. >>> boaters, beware. lindsay, what's in sports? >> capitals coach bruce boudreau says his team learned a big lesson. they'll try not to repeat it tomorrow. stephen strausburg will have to wait for his second minor league start. >>> toyota announced the recall of more than 500,000 sienna minivans today. that includes minivans driven in d.c., maryland, virginia and west virginia. salt on the roads during winter months could corrode the spare tire's carrier cable and that could cause the wheel to become loose. it was rated the best minivan by "consumer reports" in 2007. >>> a previously convicted sex offender pleaded guilty today in the murder of two teenagers in the san diego area the plea allowed 31-year-old john gardner to avoid the death penalty. he is accused of raping and killing 17-year-old chelse
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go up. it doesn't look like a big storm. >> speaking of storms, another recall affecting toyota owners. we'll have details coming up. >> and high anxiety over the economy is getting a boost from rising gas prices. the story next in our consumer alert. >> the city of anapolis wants you to come here this morning. they have even renamed main street. i'm >> the time is 68 degrees. we begin "consumer alert" with another recall for toyota. toyata says the road salt used in cold climates could deteriorate the cable. this could cause the cable to tumble into the road causing hazards for drivers. so far there have been six complaints of tires falling off. toit -- toyota is you calling affecting owners. >> a national tax-payer advocate told a congressional committee that about 20% of i.r.s. audits done by mail in the last six months were for people that claimed the new home owner tax credits. those can delay refunds. home owners have to show documentation and that keeps them from filing electroncally. two million tax payers took advantage of the tax credits last year. >> the u.s. struggli
>> susie: japanese automaker toyota said today it tested a luxury s.u.v. deemed a safety risk, and got the same results. that test came this week, after "consumer reports" magazine said the lexus g.x. 460 can roll over. toyota is looking at potential fixes for the problem. meanwhile, the automaker could be heading back to capitol hill for another round of hearings. the house energy and commerce committee has set may 6 to review the automaker's electric throttles. those throttles are at the heart of questions about sudden acceleration in toyota and lexis vehicles. >> the civil fraud charges against goldman sachs come as big bank of nov banks have sn big. rochdale securities. joining us from the gulf coast. dick, nice to see you. welcome back to "nightly business report". >> thank you. >> tom: how does this goldman sachs case color your view of the company, as well as the stock. >> it should be stated clearly if in fact goldman sachs did something improperly, they should be fined for it, and they should be punished. if we make the assumptions for analytical purposes they did do something
.9% of bacteria. also try our new bathroom spray that tackles soap scum and leaves febreze freshness. >>> toyota can't seem to get a break these days. once again, they have a recall. this time, vans like the one you're seeing there. these are sienna minivans. recalling about 600,000 of them. you see the models up there. 1998 through 2010. what's the problem? not the brakes like other recalls of toyota. this time, the spare tire could fall off. there's some issue with ruts and road salt coming together, rust, causing a wire to break and then the tire could fall off on to the road, injure, of course, another vehicle that's on the road. toyota now working on the problem but telling own toers take those to the dealers for inspection. >>> and scientist s at the university of wisconsin say they've examined what's believed to be a fragment from the meteor has lit up the skies across the u.s. earlier ins week. the video was amazing. scientists saying a man brought the rock to them after it hit the roof of his home wednesday night in southwest wisconsin. >>> and live pictures this morning from, really, e
not been charged with a crime. back to you. >>> thank you very much. more trouble for toyota today. the company is recalling 600,000 sienna minivans due to possible corrosion in the cable. the recall affects sienna models between 1998 and 2010. the automaker says rust from road salt could cause the cable to snap and break. toyota has due my indicated handling problems with a popular lexus suv. consumer reports issued a rare don't buy warning because of the rollover concerns. the automotive edit or talked about the latest trublsz on the "today" show. >> we found when we pushed the gsx-460. the rear end split very far out in the electronic stability control couldn't regain in control. if it would happen in real life, it could slide off the pavement and lead it a rollover. >> toyota is evaluating solutions to the problem with the suv. >>> things are looking up somewhat for the restaurant industry. dining at restaurants appears to be on the rebound of the and analysts at the research group notes that restaurant sales from march are up by 1%, breaking ten months of negative growth. join
of the other toyota recalls. >>> thousands of flights flights flights are being cap selled because of -- flights are being canceled because of the volcanic ash over europe. >> reporter: the vol cannish ash over europe is raining down chaos for many of the airports. >> ice frustrated, irritated, twitterpated, but oh well. >> reporter: more than half of the usual traffic did not get in on friday. >> sitting here now i'm awaiting going back to dublin, ireland, and we don't know how long. >> reporter: some of the airports in scottland have reopened. the cloud is threatening to delay the funeral for the president of poland because some lead aroma's i not be able to get -- leaders may not be able to get there. and now injured soldiers from afghanistan and iraq have to be flown directly to washington. from the ground you cannot see the cloud causing the trouble but they are not taking any chances. it's extremely abrasive volcanic glass. when sucked in an aircraft's engine it melts and gums up essential moving parts which can lead to failure. >> it's a phenomena beyond the control of every
game and as ovi and his teammates arrived you'll hear what they have to say next in >> the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> well, tonight is not a must win for the caps but it's pretty close. the top seeded caps facing the bottom seeded canadiens who stunned the crowd winning in washington. there's so much expectations for the caps. and all could come back and win this first-round series. bruce will try to mix up the lines but no one overly concerned here. >> we're not going to change our game. i mean, i thought we were good defensively. i didn't -- and we just -- we got to put more pressure on them. >> it's one hockey game. you aren't going to win a series in one hockey game. things will play out. and we just got to keep shooting the puck. we score the most goals in the league, just because we scored two not a reason to panic and change hour game. >> something has to change. and get some more offense and solve the canadiens goaltender, yaroslav halak, and ovechkin never got a shot, not a goal, didn't get a shot and mike green
invests. >>> plus if you own a toyota, there is more important news this morning. yet another recall, this time it involves 600,000 sienna minivans and we'll also look into the consumer reports "don't by" recommendation. >>> and a new biography out on the life of oprah winfrey. we'll tell you what it talk about past and present. >>> let's get start on the latest on the eruption of that volcano and the cloud of ash that continues to cause so much disruption in europe and beyond. we begin with chris jansing in iceland. chris, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, lester, and activity at the volcano actually seems to be increasing, at least according to scientists at the university of iceland. if you look behind me, you can see just how big this ash plume has gotten. the good news is that the cloud cover has ended so scientists can look at the volcano from the air. they can look at how much of that glacier has melted, a crucial indication on how long the travel disruptions might last. by night fall friday, the volcano was again showing its power. it was an ominous dark plume f
for toyota this morning. the company is recalling 600,000 sien sienna minivans. rust from the road salt can cause the cable to break. toyota says problems with the popular lexus gx-460 were discussed on the "today" show. >> we found when we pushed the gx-460 in one of our emergency handling tests, the rear end slid very far out until the electronics couldn't regain control. if this happened in real life, a rear tire could hit a curb or slide off the pavement and could lead to a rollover. >> toyota is evaluating solutions for the suv. >>> according to realty track, in comparison to last year, home foreclosures were up 35% this year in the first quarter. that means 1 in every 138 american housing units were hit about default notices. joining me now, the money coach and personal finance columnist for wallet talk. good morning. record high foreclosures right now. what's causing this at this point in this economic game? >> i think there are three things that are causing the slew of foreclosures we're seeing. first, it is tied to job loss. when you have's got millions of people out of work, they
reputation. >>> more trouble for toyota this morning. the company is recalling 600,000 sienna minivans because of possible corrosion in the spare tire carrier. it affects models between 1998 and 2010 driven in cold climate regions. they say that rust from road salt could cause the cable to break. meanwhile toyota said it's duplicated handling problems with the 2010 lexus gx-460. "consumer reports" issued a rare don't buy warning because of rollover concerns. toyota said it's evaluating remedies. >>> a wisconsin man may have found a piece of the meteor that cut through the midwestern sky this week. residents from wisconsin to iowa spotted the streaking space rock. the scientists are examining the recovered fragment which is about the size of an unshelled peanut. earlier reports indicate it could be from an asteroid belt between mars and jupiter. >>> some active weather this weekend. a strong storm knocked out power to more than 10,000 people in the ohio valley on friday. thunderstorms and high winds downed trees and power lines and caused damage to several homes. and it's looking more l
its reputation. >>> more trouble for toyota this morning. the company's recalling 600,000 sienna minivans due to possible corrosion in the cable for the spare tire air icarrier, for mo between 1998 and 2010, those driven in cold climate regions. rust from the road salt could cause the cable to snap and break. toyota says it's duplicated handling problems with the 2010 lexus gx-460. "consumer reports" issued a rare "don't buy" bank because of the rollover concerns. toyota is evaluating remedies. >>> a wisconsin man may have found a piece of the meteor that cut through the midwestern sky this week. residents from northern iowa to wisconsin spotted the streaking space rock. scientists are examining the recovered fragment, which is about the size of an unshelled peanut. earlier reports indicate it could be from between mars and jupiter. >>> in pittsburgh, thunderstorms downed several trees causing widespread power outages. expecting at many -- affecting as many as 70,000 residents. let's get a check of the weather in your area. alex wallace joins us from the weather channel in atlant
, who remains in jail in haiti. >>> new problems for toyota. the japanese automaker is recalling about 600,000 sienna minivans sold in the u.s. because of possible corrosion problems. exposure to road salt may cause the cable holding the spare tire to break causing the spare to fall off creating a road hazard. they are from 1998 to 2010. >>> april is national child abuse prevention month. this cnn's hero is drawing on other own childhood experiences to save others. wynonna ward is a trucker turned lawyer who reaches out to battered women and children in rural vermont. her motto, have justice, will travel. >> when i was growing up on a rural back road, family violence was an accepted way of life. this is my mother and i'm the baby here. my father and brother richard and my sister pauline. my father would commonly abuse all of us. he raped me and beat my mother and my other siblings. when the neighbors heard screaming coming from our home, they just current their heads. for domestic violence victims in rural areas, it can be devastating. they're out there on these back roads with no acce
trouble for toyota. the company is now recalling 600,000 sienna minivans. rust from road salt could cause the carrier cable that holds the spare tire to rust and break allowing that tire to tumble into the road which could threaten the safety of other drivers. it affects all vans sold it 1998 and this year. owners should expect to get a letter telling them to bring their car in for inspection. toyota is still working on a fix. >>> a travel alert for anyone going near a metro station this weekend. it's going to be slow going. there will be sick gal tracking at red, blue -- single tracking on the red, blue, orpg and green lines -- orange and green lines. you can expect to wait up to 40 minutes for a train. both the capitals and nationals are in action this weekend and many fans as you know rely on the rails. >> this is a routine maintenance that was scheduled in february but due to the snow had to be delayed. so there will be 40-minute delays on the lines and we ask that customers please make their travel plans accordingly. >> we have a list of all the stations affected on our website right
of adjustments here. >> all right, vera, thank you. >>> more trouble for toyota this morning. the company is recalling 600,000 sienna minivan. the recall affects sienna models between 1998 and 2010 driven in cold weather regions. it's duplicating handling problems with the lexus gx 460. consumer reports issued a rare don't buy warning because of rollover concerns. toyota says it is evaluating remedies. >>> well, some powerful spring storms make for a messy start this weekend. in pittsburgh, thunderstorms downed several trees causing widespread power outages affecting as many as 70,000 residents. that spread debris throughout neighborhoods and it's looking more like winter in parts of the northeast. the town of hanover, new hampshire, received a couple inches of snow on friday. just two weeks agothetemperatures in hanover were in the 80s. >>> and a strong storm knocked out power to more than 10,000 people in the ohio valley on friday. thunderstorms and high winds downed trees and power lines and caused damage to several homes. in jefferson county the wind was so high that it bent a flag po
. that is a fascinating story. i like that one. >>> perhaps some people won't like this one. another recall for toyota. this time it's one of the company's minivans. [ male announcer ] when we built our first hybrid, youtube didn't exist. and facebook was still run out of a dorm room. when we built our first hybrid, more people had landlines than cell phones, and gas was $1.75 a gallon. and now, while other luxury carmakers are building their first hybrids, lexus hybrids have traveled 5.5 billion miles. and that's quite a head start. ♪ stories right now. more troubles for toyota. the automaker is recalling 600,000 sienna mini advance because of possible corrosion in the cable that secures the spare tire. the recall covers 1998 through 2010 models sold in cold climate states. >>> the number of bank failures in the united states this year is now at 50. federal regulators have shut down eight more banks. three are in florida, two in california and one each in massachusetts, michigan and washington. >>> the death toll from china from this week's earthquake reached 1,339. several hundred people are still
for having me. >> the hits keep coming for toyota. the company announcing a voluntary recall of 870,000 mini vans in the united states and also in canada. the company says the spare tire may come loose and fall onto the road, creating a dangerous situation for other drivers. the recall applies to all sienna mini vans bought between 1998 and 2010. it's a fairly long span there. if you own one of these vehicles, you have to bring it to a dealer for inspection. that's what they suggest. by the way, in the past few months, toyota recalled over 8 million vehicles world wide. >>> all right. now my favorite story of the day, new york city's oldest library cutting one of the nation's founding fathers a little bit of slack. if george washington were around today, he would owe over 220 years of late fees on two books that he borrowed. but the head of the new york society of libraries says they'll look the other way this time. they say. the books were due back november 1789, while president washington was still president. >> there is no excuse. >> in the ledger, it's signed out t says president. >> it'
war against the u.s. >>> toyota is recalling 600,000 sienna minivans because of spare tire cables that could rust. and toyota engineers have confirmed that the 2010 lexus gs-460 can roll over as "consumer reports" found in a don't-buy warning. >>> and finally, a wisconsin man has found what may be a piece of that fiery meteor that lid up the sky. the frag mant hment has a black trust. experts say he'll probably be coming home with a meteor -- >> how long did you work on that? >> a couple hours. >> we have a thing about puns here, jeremy. you're a guest, we'll let that slide. >> meteorites, volcanos. >> i feel like i'm twiddling my thumbs. >>> good morning to you. let's go to lubbock, texas. to the scene -- that's not lubbock, texas, yes, it is. lubbock has seen 10 inches of rain since january 1st. a record. you can see getting around town was not very easy. there was some structural damage in and around lubbock. unfortunately, that system sits over it. in between l >> the cold front is finally moving just to the south of the d.c. get ready. a much cooler day compared to yesterday
you why. >> plus, another blow for toyota and why a van is added to the recall list. >>> and taking a live look outside. the cooler air has arrived and how long will it hang around, we'll have the answer in first warning weather forecast. eyewitness news saturday morning starts now. >>> good morning and welcome to eyewitness news this saturday, i'm gigi barnett. >> temperatures are colder, i'm tim williams. >> well, it feels good to me. >> yeah, you like the crisp in the air. >> we're going to see that today. the front moved through and we're in the low 80s yesterday. it was comfortable and somewhat humid. the day is reflecting a front moving through, looking at first warning doppler weather radar, you can see the rain associated with this. not a lot, but it moved through the region, the rain down to the south and south east, seeing showers now from came bridge to crisfield and into richmond. now, we'll dry out and the clouds are with us for the day and the temperature, 20 degrees lower today than yesterday. the forecast looks like this, temperatures around, well, we'll call it arou
for toyota. the japanese automaker is recalling about 600,000 sienna mini vanz sold in the u.s. because of possible corrosion problems. toyota says exposure to road salt may cause the cable holding the spare tire to break, allowing the spare to fall off and create a safety hazard. the recall covers 1998 to 2010 model year siennas with two wheel drive sold or registered in 20 cold climate states and the district of columbia. >>> and space shuttle "discovery" is on its way home. it undocked from the international space station earlier today after spending ten days at the orbiting spacelab. the astronauts are set to land at the kennedy space center in florida on monday. >>> four victims of school bullies, telling an adult can often make matters worse. so a middle school in austin, texas, has come up with a high tech way to battle the problem. it allows students to anonymously send e-mails or texts to administrators or teachers at the school, even bus drivers, and alert them to the situation. >> it gives them a way to speak honestly, there is no fear of retribution, no fear of students know
estados unidos. >> toyota comenzarÁ a retirar algunas camionetas vendidas entre el 98 y 2010 por un potencial problema. >> le dan el Último adiÓs al profesor. ÷dl÷mh÷@@@d@@@w@útñttl÷tÑp÷ >> le llaman la energÍa sanador apuntÓ si es canalizada armoniza el cuerpo y la mente. es una medicaciÓn en movimiento que se hace a ciegas. >> se vendan las ojos, y comienza la danza. >> mueve la energÍa. >> pero no es un baile cualquiera, es una meditaciÓn. >> energÍa, cuando me pongo la venda, mis sentidos estÁn descansando y se activa del sexto sentido. cubre de energÍa brazos, pecho. >> el propÓsito es aprender a canalizar la energÍa senadora o la energÍa neutra. >> no tiene polaridad, es una energÍa que es la sanadora, la atraemos visualmente. >> van abriendo los siete sellos energÉticos que deberÁn llenarse de energÍa neutra. >> hasta que aquÍ vamos y abrimos las puertas a la dimensiÓn neutra. los 7 sellos estÁn abiertos, nuestro cuerpo danza ahora en una energÍa neutra. estÁ listo para sanar. >> ahora cada participantes usa sus manos para sanarse. >> siento
, tonight, more owners of toyota vehicles being told to have them repaired. the auto giant is recalling 600,000 sienna minivans in this country. the problem is in cables that hold the spare tire in place. road salt can cause the cable to rust and break, allowing the spare tire to fall into the roadway. when we come back, in our broadcast, after learning every one of our tweets will be saved at library of congress. we asked the librarian, what else are they saving? whether i'm at the batting cages... down by the lake or... fishing at the shore. i'm breathing better... with spiriva. announcer: spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled maintenance treatment for both forms of copd, which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. i take it every day. it keeps my airways open... to help me breathe better all day long. and it's not a steroid. announcer: spiriva does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. stop taking spiriva and call your doctor right away if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, have vision changes or eye pain or have problems p
trouble for toyota. the embattled auto maker is recalling half a million minivans because rust from road salt could eat away at the cable holding the spare tire in place. it recalls for those registered in the cold weather states. more on these and the rest of the stories coming up at the top of the hour on america's news headquarters. >> cheryl: it costs taxpayers nearly $900 billion bucks. but the white house now bragging that the stimulus bill is saving taxpayers big bucks. they say if you make $75,000, stimulus is saving you $878 in taxes this year. but look at the fox news tax calculator. at that salary level, your share of the cost is nearly $3800. all right, jonathan, whose math here is right? whose is wrong? >> well, the president's unfortunately, his math is wrong. i think his philosophy is wrong, cheryl. what he called "stimulus" is redistribution, right? taking money from productive people, taking money that people earn and giving it to dependent children, cash for clunkers, first-time home buyers, all of his, very admirable social programs. benefitting people who by and large
vanished walk to go school. he's expected to serve life in prison. >>> toyota is recalling another vehicle, this time it is the sienna minivan because of rusty spare tire holders. the latest recall covers 600,000 siennas with two wheel drive from model years 1998 to 2010. toyota says rust from road salt can cause the cable that holds the spare tire to break, allowing the tire to fall off. >>> it's about 14 after the hour. here is lonnie quinn this morning with a first check of the weather. good morning, lonnie. >> now, betty, if memory serves me correctly, you're a texan girl. >> that's right. >> the reason i'm talking about texas that's write shere i see toughest weather. this low pressure system is perfectly positioned to pull in all kinds of gulf moisture. so we're talking a lot of rain there. and we're talking about maybe two to four inches and flash flood watches in effect. now, elsewhere, we have a low pressure system for the northeast. what does that mean for you? scattered showers kind of off again, on again. not as pretty as last weekend. but also the whole weekend is not a washou
're not stupid. where the growth coming from? oh, auto manufacturering. yeah. we have toyotas driving down the street and they're driving themselves in into poles. people still say, "i'd rather have that than a g.m." and steel? no. we closed that down. clothing? no, we don't make clothing anymore. apple. apple is going to save us! nope, made elsewhere. check your iphone. designed in california. assembled by slaves in china. i think they leave the slave part out. how about the green jobs in yeah. solar panels. yeah. do you really think we can make solar panels cheaper with our union labor than they can make in s s say india? i didn't think so. be honest. because we -- i did this, too. we all did. we wanted to believe the lie. we believed it. we had a good time. now it's time to sober up. we'll hurt with the changes. my first five years in the recovery from alcohol, i didn't think i was going to make it. it was a lot easier in some ways to go back to drinking. but drinking will kill you. you will be a slave to it or anybody who will hold you up. it takes a long time and a lot of hard work a
since toyota sliced prices and all the automakers slashed to match them, and there is an incentive to buy cars. seems things are happening. like an oil tanker, hard to turn around, but once it's moving -- >> once we see the horizon in the right direction, we get excited about it. hal, i am happier reporting on the potential for good economic news than i am of the likelihood of bad news. >> yeah, i see more grinz around this place than the last time we talked about this particular issue. what was the number last year about this time in the stock market? nearly half of what it is? i would hardly call that a green chute, even. it's god's tear falling onieden as far as the south carolitock concerned. >> i would say part of the issue is it doesn't all seem fair when the economy is going down, and it doesn't all see fair when it's coming up. listen to this and let's move on. at a congressional meeting this week president obama addressed what he hopes to achieve through financial regulatory reform. listen to this. >> i am actually confident we can work out an effective bipartisan package
. >>> for the second time this week, more technical troubles for toyota. they are recalling 6,000 sienna minivans. they are concerned rust could erode a fastning cable creating a hazard. a consumer report said the vehicle has a high risk of a roll over on one vehicle. >>> the shuttle and astronauts undocked from the space station three hours ago, and are set to return to earth on monday, and it may be a long time before so many people are together again in space. only three shuttle flights remain. each with a crew of six. to design the future of flight, inside and out. to build tomorrow's technology in amazing ways. and reshape the science of aerospace -- forever. around the globe, the people of boeing are working together, for the dreams of generations to come. that's why we're here. ♪ i thought i was invincible. i'm on an aspirin regimen now because i never want to feel that helplessness again. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. talk to your doctor, and take care of what you have to take care of. (announcer) we all want to stay active. we do
missing. gardner was realized three days later he led authorities to dubois'dy. >> toyota recalling 600,000 minivans, core row from road salt could cause the spare tire carrier cable to fail and could separate and cause a road hazard to other cars. 2008 to again siennas. i'm marianne rafferty now back to on the record. >> greta: our next guest a democrat says his party could face a november disaster unless the party makes changes. what kind of changes? democratic pollster doug schoppe. you don't beat around the bush saying the health care bill is a disaster that doesn't leave much of a margin to play with for the democrats. what is going on come november? you say it is going to be a disaster. >> right now it will be if things don't change. we are looking at somewhere between 30 and 40 seats in the house, six to eight in the senate. there's a substantial defeat looming. >> greta: all right, let's look at some of these states. arkansas, senator blanche lincoln out, no chance? >> i think she is a distinct undoing running 8 to 10 points behind both leading republicans. >> greta: nevada and
". another recall for toyota tonight. the issue with their seanna minivan. >> infants and toys. how jender could make a difference at a young age. for these stories and more, join us tonight at 11:00. xÑ >>well, few clouds around tomorrow. cooler. 61 degrees for a high. gradual clearing later in the day. we will see sunshine. and then sunday, only a high of 58 degrees. couple of degrees below normal. then monday, tuesday, wednesday we are dry. and temperatures gradually warm up to 66 on wednesday. and then thursday and friday getting close to the 70-degree mark. but then a chance for rain showers, and maybe a thunderstorm both thursday or friday. all and all not too bad as the weekend will dry out and cool down. that's forecast. back to you guys. >> thank you jes. >> can the orioles finally get a win? they are playing right now in oakland. >> and losing. >> i am trying to be positive here. >> kristen berset joins us with an update in "sports unlimited". kristen? >> hi kristen. >> all trying to stay positive. coming up tonight on "sports unlimited". the orioles trying to breakout of their
today and at the time of the oklahoma city attack. >>> toyota is recalling 100,000 s sienna mini vans for corrosion. the automaker says the recall affects 1998 through 2010 models sold in the u.s. that have been operated in cold weather climates. >>> we've always seen pictures of marilyn monroe. what about x-rays? images of the star's chest and pelvis will be up for auction along with other memorabilia in las vegas. >> are you kidding? aye aye aye. >> i know. in june. also on the block, a couch from her psychiatrist's office. you know, people will actually spend a lot of money for those things. and we won't even be that surprised. >> also what medical personnel actually sold those things originally. that doesn't reflect well on them. >> exactly. >>> coming up next on "360," amanda knox, convicted of murder in italy. tonight a new development in the case. we'll tell you ahead. >>> and later, dr. jack kevorkian, part two of the "360 interview." we talk about life and death and faith. are you a religious man? >> no. >> do you believe in god? >> i don't know. is there a god? look, i'm a s
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